December 2021 Longzhou News - Season's Greetings




December 2021
Issue 5, Volume 4

In this edition

・Message from Mike - Season's Greetings
 This message comes to you during the holiday period of Christmas and the calendar year
 2021 will shortly draw to a close.

・How the IDBF Began
 For 2,400 years dragon boat racing had been an annual festival, not a recognised sport.
 Hong Kong changed that and the story of the founding of the IDBF began in 1976, in the  
 Chinese ‘Year of the Dragon’.

・IDBF30 Celebrations
 The special one hour Facebook Live celebration showcased a collection of messages of
 congratulations, birthday cakes, lion dancing and speeches from esteemed dragon boat

・2021 Hall of Fame Inductees
 Congratulations to this year's International Dragon Boat Hall of Fame winners. See the full
 list of inductees and their highlighted achievements.

・18th Ordinary Congress - Part 1
 The 4th December saw Part 1 of the 18th IDBF Members Ordinary Congress held by video  
 conference. Read the summary.

・Did You Miss?
 CCWC2022 Bulletin 1 and Official Invitation out now
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