June 2021 Longzhou News - 30th Anniversary Edition




In this edition

・Message from Mike - Happy 30th Birthday to the IDBF
Since the formation of the IDBF, the sport has spread rapidly throughout the world. Today, 30 years after its formation the sport of dragon boating is enjoyed in every continent with over 80 countries participating.

・A Brief History of the IDBF
The IDBF was established on 24 June 1991 in Hong Kong, where 'modern era' dragon boating began.

・HKCDBA celebrates 30 years
Hong Kong China Dragon Boat Association (HKCDBA) celebrated their 30th anniversary with a dragon boat exhibition and display as well as holding their first Hong Kong 'Dragon Boat on Land' races.

・IDBF30 Updates
New merchandise, Photo Competition updates and Hall of Fame.