[IDBF News] Rules for Paradragons Racing - Edition 1.0



Date: 6 October 2020

Rules for Paradragons Racing - Edition 1.0

IDBF seeks to provide maximum opportunities for Paradragons to participate in the sport of dragon boating through its provision of specific Paradragon racing.

Paradragons is the term used by IDBF to describe paddlers who have some form of physical, psychological, neurological, sensory, developmental or intellectual impairment.

These IDBF Rules for Paradragon Racing set out the way in which Paradragon racing is to be conducted at IDBF events.

The IDBF Para Athlete Commission (IDBF-PAC) is responsible for the development of the rules relating to, and the management of, Paradragon racing at IDBF competitions.

Enquiries about paradragons and paradragon racing, please contact:

Nigel Bedford
Chair, IDBF Para Athletes Commission