Decision on Championships Schedule



Decision on Championships Schedule

An IDBF Council meeting was held on Friday, 1 May 2020 to consider the effects of COVID-19 on our future championships. The IDBF Council unanimously decided that:
The 12th IDBF Club Crew World Championships (Aix-les-Bains, France) is officially cancelled
No Club Crew World Championships will take place in 2021
The current championships schedule from 2021 onwards remains the same:
World Nations Championships - Hong Kong, China in 2021;
Club Crew World Championships - Sarasota, USA in 2022; and
World Nations Championships - Seville, Spain in 2023.
The IDBF Executive has been meeting weekly since mid-March to consider the different views gathered from athletes, national federations, and championship organisers during a six-week long consultation process. We acknowledge that any decisions made will not satisfy everyone.

The IDBF recognises and appreciates all the hard work, time and effort that the French Organising Committee has put in over the last few years and will gladly welcome them to re-bid for a future date. The situation with the pandemic has severely impacted sporting events worldwide with many being cancelled. Unfortunately, this year’s Club Crew World Championships could not take place for the same reasons.

We hope that these decisions will enable everyone to move forward and focus on the future.

Let us all hope that the dragon boat family worldwide will be able to get back on the water soon and enjoy our passion for the sport.

Please keep safe and continue to follow the advice of your government.

Mike Thomas
IDBF President

Decision on Championships Schedule(PDF)