[IDBF News] Appointment of Nigel Bedford and Li Haigang as IDBF Vice Presidents


Date: 14 February 2024
NEWS RELEASE (#2024-01)

Appointment of Nigel Bedford and Li Haigang as IDBF Vice Presidents

The IDBF Executive Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Nigel Bedford as the 4th Vice President and Li Haigang (李海鋼) as the 5th Vice President of IDBF.

Please join us in welcoming Nigel Bedford and Li Haigang.

Nigel Bedford – IDBF 4th Vice President

Nigel Bedford started dragon boating in Sydney, Australia over 20 years ago. In 2008, he helped found Different Strokes, Australia’s first dragon boat club aimed at the LGBTQI+ community. He moved back to UK in 2011 and, in 2015, founded Purple Warriors; a dragon boat club (and a registered charity) for military veterans living with impairments.

In 2017 he was first elected onto IDBF’s Council as chair of the Para Athletes Commission. In that role he led the development of IDBF’s Rules for Paradragon Racing and has always championed the Paradragon cause. In 2024, he was appointed to IDBF’s Executive Committee.

Nigel is a coach, athlete (including representing Great Britain at IDBF World Championships) and race official.

Li Haigang (李海鋼) – IDBF 5th Vice President

Li Haigang graduated from the Institute of International Relations of Peking University University and has worked in the Competitive Sports Department of the General Administration of Sport of China for nearly 20 years. He is responsible for the Chinese sports delegation that participates in major international events such as the Summer and Winter Olympics and Asian Games. Li Haigang is also a representative of the Chinese Olympic Committee for the World Games, Sino German Sports Exchange, World University Games, and World Military Games.

He is currently the Deputy Director of the Chinese Leisure Sport Administrative Centre and Head of the Management Department of the Chinese Dragon Boat Association and brings to the IDBF his in depth knowledge and rich experience in sports project management, sports competition organisation, and sports international affairs.

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