To All International Dragon Boat Federation Member Associations and Guest Federations

On behalf of the IDBF Council, we cordially invite you to participate in the 12th IDBF World Dragon Boat Racing Championships to be held on the Welland International Flat-Water Centre, Welland, Niagra, Canada, from the 18th to 23rd of August 2015.

IDBF Members are also invited to send delegates to the 15th IDBF Congress, on Monday 24th August 2015.

The 12th World Championships and 15th IDBF Congress, will be organised by Dragon Boat Canada (DBC) in conjunction with Welland Recreational Canal Corporation, on behalf of the IDBF. The Competition Classes and outline World Championship’s Week programme, are shown in detail in Information Bulletin No.1 attached to this invitation.

IDBF Members may unconditionally enter one crew in each Standard Boat World Championships Competition Class shown in the Bulletin but entry to the Small Boat Championships is restricted as shown in Information Bulletin No.1 entry conditions
Rowing, Canoeing and Multi Sports’ Federations’ located in a Country where there is not an existing IDBF Member may enter the World Championships directly, subject to becoming an IDBF Associate Member and to the conditions shown in Information Bulletin No.1. Such Federations in Countries where there is an IDBF Member may take part, at that Member’s discretion and conditions and via the selection process of the IDBF Member concerned.

All other Entry Conditions, Entry Forms and the details of all fees will be notified by the Organising
Committee through the Information Bulletins publised from now on until July 2013.

Please note the following important deadlines:
a. Provisional Entries by the 30th January 2015
b. Accommodation Bookings by the 3rd March 2015
c. Confirmed Entries by the 3rd May 2015
d. Named Entries by the 3rd July 2015

You are kindly reminded that entry to the 12th World Dragon Boat Racing Championships, is restricted to Representative Teams selected by IDBF Member Associations but Members of other Sport’s Federations may compete subject to the terms of this invitation and those in Information Bulletin No.1.

All competitors must be citizens of the country or region they represent, by birth or marriage or through having been a current resident for a period of three or more years. Further information on qualifications, entries and fees will be circulated through the World Championships’ Information Bulletins.

The IDBF Council encourages your Association to enter the 12th World Dragon Boat RacingChampionships and we wait to welcome all the participating teams and Congress Delegates to Welland,

Canada in August 2015