Date: 5 March 2022
NEWS RELEASE (#2022-01)

Participation of athletes and officials from Russia and Belarus at the 13th IDBF CCWC

The IDBF alongside many other International Federations has made the decision to regrettably withdraw the right of teams from Russia and Belarus to participate in international sporting events for the foreseeable future.

The immediate impact of this decision is that no clubs from Russia or Belarus will be allowed to compete at this year’s 13th IDBF World Club Crew Championships in Sarasota.

We have been in contact with the Ukrainian Dragon Boat Federation and remain concerned for the safety of the dragon boat community and citizens of Ukraine at this dangerous time. We have also learnt that some of our Ukrainian international race officials have fled from Kyiv for safety.

It is the action of the Russian government in invading Ukraine that has created this situation where the dragon boat athletes in Russia will be prevented from participating and enjoying the sport of dragon boating.

You can read the IOC’s recommendations in detail at:

Yours in sport.

Mike Thomas
IDBF President